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Easter is on it way, think kitty!!

Cats For Adoption

We would make a purrfect gift for Easter, a living gift, that gives and receives love and is always waiting for you, a furry purring gift for the rest of their lives, please take a look to see who you could adopt and give your love to, and know for the first time in their lives someone would truly love them. Better than flowers or chocolate.!!

 At Kitties new beginning I am trying to find loving permanent homes for rescued felines, who had been abandoned. They have been cared for with much love, seen by Willamette Valley Animal Hospital, and recieved vaccines , neuter or spay, tested for feline leukemia and aids. And good nutrition. Now, they need a home who will love them for the rest of their lives, something I feel they never had. You don't abandoned what you love.


Visit us at:

Salem Pet Supply

3747 Market ST NE

12:00-5:00 pm


March: 1st & 22nd

April:   12th & 19th




Want to know more about our kitties, click on cats for adoption.  


                    We are not disposable

                     it's cruel and heartless.

 Salem, OR 97306

Phone: +1 503 871 4725

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