Kitties New Beginning
Kitties New Beginning

Need a new Kitty full of love!  We need a new family too!


                  THAT NOTHING ELSE CAN






                                                  NOT LESS

                                            JUST DIFFERENT






Welcome Waffles, may you find your forever home where you will be safe and loved.

July 15th, 2015


  My healing is taking longer than expected, but I'm hanging in there, and one day I'm gonna play! but untill

then, I'll just rest and heal.  I'm just so glad I got a second chance.



5/31/15 update on me.......oh I now have a big appetite, but tend to be picky at what I will eat, I'm playing now! but most of all I just want to be with my foster momma, sit on her lap, sleep on her shoulder at night, share her food, when she's eating. but my fur still hasn't grown back, from when I was found and had been eaten up by fleas, my body had other priority to work on, oh boy, my life is so much better now, each day I thankful that I'm here to live it.

love Quimby


I will alway love you, and I will never forget you Quimby.

July 2nd, 2015.

Hi I'm Tom, I am a sweet lap cat, love attention and  hugs. I like talking to you too. I'm a 15 pound bundle of love. Plus I am so cute. I am for adoption. I really would like my own home, forever this time.

OH hi, I'm Popeye, I really would like my own home now, I don't understand why no one thinks I'm just as adorable as I know I am. I need a home to run and play and loose some weight! and have my own family one that will keep me forever this time.

I am for adoption.


 I'm LuLubelle, me and my sister was abandandoned out in the country, we are just wee ones, because they left us out in the 20 degree nights we had, we got very sick it was so cold, but we came to kitties new beginning December 1st, and are getting better, but it's taking a while, we just didn't feel good, so nice to meet you, below is my sister Hollybelle. If your interested in us let my mamma know. It would be nice to stay with my sister, we been together through so scarry times, and our recovering together. Make your new year a one full of a bundle of living joy,  yep a new forever kitty!  Adopted

 I'm Hollybelle, and I love that we made it to a safe place, and are recovering nicely now, and we get to live into a new year, a chance to play and love and be loved. life is good when you know your loved and someone cares for you. I'm not sticking my tounge out, I just forgot it was out! and thanks to the nice lady who found us, and took us in out of the cold, and found a place for us to be safe and find our new forever best family. Ahh life is good,  Adopted

We would make a purrfect additions to any home, we give and receive love and  always waiting for you, a furry purring friend for the rest of our lives, please take a look to see who you could adopt and give your love to, and know for the first time in their lives someone would truly love them. Also remember those animals, who were unloved and unwanted, and lost at life, every animal should have someone to care and love them, so many are losing their lives at kill shelters. So in their memory, please remember them, and give homes to the homeless and abandoned, or help them find a home, don't let them lose at life. help them live life. I will honor them, by helping as many who pass though my life. Please, help the homeless animals. Save a life. Think what they face, starving, afraid, not being able to understand what has happened, In a moment they lost their home, shelter, family, food, safety, just think what you feel like when your late for lunch, how hungry you feel, think about them, going weeks without anything, no animal, or person should ever feel such loss, emptiness.        Adopted

 At Kitties new beginning I am trying to find loving permanent homes for rescued felines, who had been abandoned. They have been cared for with much love, seen by Willamette Valley Animal Hospital, and received vaccines , neuter or spay, and if I have funds, tested for feline leukemia and aids. And good nutrition. Now, they need a home who will love them for the rest of their lives, something I feel they never had. You don't abandoned what you love.


If you want to meet or adopt one of kitties new beginning, please contact Debbie and make an appointment to meet your special kitty. I do my adoption at Natures Pet Market, the address is below my felines are not at the store but are foster.



Natures Pet Market

4555 Liberty RD S

Sunnyslope shopping center




Want to know more about our kitties, click on cats for adoption.  


                    We are not disposable

                     it's cruel and heartless.

 Salem, OR 97306

Phone: +1 503 871 4725

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